Who Do Women Dress For? Boyfriend, Guys or for themselves lets Find Out!

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This one topic is really very confusing. Who do women dress for? In my point of view this question should be “Who do human dress for?” Why? Because Dressing depends on people not on gender. Few of my friends dress up for their girlfriend few shave in a month because their parents are coming to meet them and few of my girl friends, I mean friends  who are girl dress up because everyone in office dresses the same way. Similarly girls also dress for their parents, lovers, husband etc. Its not about girls its about person. It is the person who chooses that why or for whom they are dressing up. That is all what I think and please don”t make it an issue of gender discrimination because if I take a microphone in my hand asking girls “Who do Guys Dress for?” Many will say “To impress girls” but its not the fact always because I dress up for myself to look good and sometimes I dress up to look extra good for my girl too.. 🙂

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