This Woman Explains why Rape is a Joke in India. Do you Agree with Her?

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Update- Click here to watch a MindBlowing reply video for this video.
Some of the data presented in this video are incomplete, hence trying to generate more hatred against men. Also in the end of video this Girl insults every man out there by saying”I think all these men with their Big ****** who want to go out there and protect us and make things safe for us……..” I think she just indirectly insulted the MARD(Men against Rape and Discrimination). In my personal opinion rape is a heinous, monstrous and unforgivable crime and rapists should have more severe punishment but on the other hand all men should not be generalised in the same category. Anyhow this is just my thought, still I want to know that what do you think about this video?

Source: Fame Comedy

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