How they felt when they saw the world for the first time

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It is almost impossible for you to understand what its like to be blind from birth and after a magical surgery what it feels like to see the world for the first time. This is a story of two sisters in India who were blind from birth and after a 15 minutes minor surgery they got their vision. You can hear them in their own language “Mom I can see…. Mom I can see”. These children belonged from such a poor family that their parents were not able to afford such surgeries, from the looks of their surrounding I can totally say that they are even not blessed with affording basic medical treatments. You can see the joy in the eyes of their parents when their children got their vision that the nature for some reason denied to give them at the time of birth.

I also came to know a fact from the video that “20 million child and adults could have their eyesight restored through surgery that costs just $300”.  20|20|20 is doing a great job for human kind and I bow myself for their work. Also thanks to Blue chalk media for bringing such a great documentary infront of our eyes. I can say that I would do my best to be that next SOMEONE.

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