Gay Prank Gone Wrong or Cheating Prank Gone Wrong? You tell!

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We have been following PrankBaaz from past few pranks and we saw two pranks that were not Pranks exactly. The First one was “Sister Caught in Bed with Best Friend” and Now this one. Prank are made to make people laugh and enjoy the moment but in both these videos the prank went wrong and the victims of the prank were shocked or hurt. PrankBaaz Team I like your other works like “Girl under Car”, “Hot Girl Lift” or ” Breast Cancer Awareness” but you should try to avoid such videos in which people get really hurt or you should choose such persons as victim who can take the prank easily. I hope you undersatnd what I am trying to say here also hope to see many more pranks from you guys and I hope they will not hurt anyone’s feelings or emotions badly. What do you think guys?
PS- This Prank should be named Cheating Prank gone wrong not Gay Prank gone Wrong.

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