Do you Abuse? Answer the question in this video.

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Using abusive words or language is very common everywhere and people accept it just by laughing. But have you ever actually thought the answer of the mindblowing question that is asked in this video?
In my opinion also as the wise lady in the video says someone really wants to hurt you then he abuses you using your mother and sister in abusive language.
What I am going to say next may be offensive or controversial for few people but I honestly think most of you will understand.
In my opinion we love our mother and sister so much that it is the weak point for our heart or we can say the softest spot on our heart. I am not talking physically weak I am talking about the emotions and when some one wants to hurt us most where he/she should strike? Yes you are right the weakest or the softest point because it will hurt the most.
People are saying that this is because of men dominating society but don’t you think if this is due to men dominating society then why it is designed in such a way that the men get hurt most?

Post your honest answers and comments below.

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