Confession of the Dumb DD News Anchor. If She can do this She is not Dumb she is Brave.

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Do you remember the Viral video of Dumb DD news Anchor? If not here is the link : Video. Yes we didn’t preferred to post it on because we knew that what hell she will face if we promote such video. People are commenting about professionalism and other stuff but let me ask any person out there “So are you a professional by┬ábirth?” No right? What if she made some mistakes due to any reason and your Like and Share can cost her Job or in some cases people get so depressed that they commit suicide. Yes its easy to say ” You are a dumb girl just leave it and move on” but I can’t imagine the pain that she is suffering and its really not that easy to move on when you have been watched doing a mistake by millions of people. It was a mistake and she was part of it but we all make mistakes on a regular basis, Don’t we? But we don’t have millions of people watching our mistake. The biggest mistake was that she is a news anchor and you all got to see her mistake. Guys you had your laughs but now she is bold and brave enough to come out of the dark mist and confess about it. So now don’t criticize her for the confession, just remember we all make mistakes and most of the time we are forgiven by someone. If you agree then please share this post for moral support.
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