Check Out What Message this Racist family got at the End

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There are many people around the world who still believe that their race is superior to other races and hence they not only judge people of other races but also make them feel that that they have done a crime by taking birth in other race than theirs.
On the other hand there are the wise people the educated one who understand that all humans are humans, the color of their skin or their religion do not gives anyone right to judge them.
This video is about a family who is in a hospital where the daughter is receiving some kind of medical treatment. While the family is waiting outside the doctor’s office they try to sit as far away as possible from the guy who is from a different race. During this sitting arrangement they were so keen to stay away from the guy that the daughter’s father prefers to stand instead to sitting next to the guy.
The Video rolls on and at the end I guess the family got a very serious message. You must watch this video and kindly express your feelings in comment below this post.

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